Saturday, February 28, 2009

MP3 Woes

And now, a guest post by Mrs. D:

Mr. D. gave me a MP3 player for my birthday a couple of months ago. I wasn't really sure that I wanted one but I figured that maybe I could use it while I did my daily morning ride on the exercise bike. I do not drink coffee so the bike ride is the way that I wake up in the morning. Now I have become addicted to listening to whatever song or whatever artist I want while I am exercising.

Thursday afternoon something happened to the MP3 player. I could select a song but it would not play that song or any song. No problem, Mr. D. said that he would let me use his MP3 player Friday morning. One catch, since he has a ton of music on his MP3 player, he suggested that I only use the shuffle.

I am not a shuffle kind of person. I have never used it and it is highly likely that I will never use the shuffle. So, my first 6:30 am dilemma was to commit to using an MP3 player with someone's favorite music on it or to listen to the radio. We've been married seventeen years and like lots of the same music. How could only using the shuffle be a problem? If someone from Stinger Nation is reading this - Stinger knows that maybe Mr. D. and I don't have as many favorite songs or artists that overlap than we think we do. I quickly advanced through about three songs until I was saved by Al Green. Now I have a new dilemma. I love Al Green's music but I do not like Al Green the man. Al Green and Ike Turner needed to go through some court mandated classes to learn how to be better husbands. How can I possibly have so many dilemmas at 6:30 am?

Does a MP3 player offer too much of a good thing because we can pick and choose exactly what we want to hear when we want to hear it? Or, maybe that is the beauty of the MP3 player.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. D.

P.S. Mr. D. - you need more crooners and less angry young men on your MP3 player :)


Gino said...

i really prefer the randomness of the radio with six to twelve buttons to shuffle through.

but i guess i'm old school. big surprise there.

Mark Heuring said...

Well, love, I like my angry young men. And most of them are old now anyway. It's pretty funny to listen to Johnny Rotten (the quintessential angry young man) snarling "no future for you!" over 30 years after he recorded the sentiment.