Monday, February 23, 2009

Still On the Mend. . .

So I'm still a little light on the posting. So here are a few goodies from elsewhere:

Regularly scheduled blogging will begin soon. I hope.


Anonymous said...

Sending best wishes and hope you feel better soon!

John Bunch said...

Hi Mark,
President Bush was on campus today. And when I say "campus", I mean THE Southern Methodist University campus. I was driving to work, and three black SUVs drove past me. When I got to campus, one of my German students, a woman from Milwaukee, had photos of Bush on her cell phone that she had just taken. Most students at SMU are relatively conservative, and thus are not in full "hysterical looney left mode" most of the time. I also have a woman in another class - a South African shotputter, who said Bush approached her in the weight room and talked with her for 5 minutes and was "very friendly". He mentioned that he knew Mandela. Bush will no doubt be on campus here in Dallas, and I will no doubt run into him. There are lawn signs in the neighborhoods around here that say "Welcome back, George and Laura". It is nice to see that Texas hospitality is not dead, too.

- John Bunch