Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Very Special Edition of Random Crap from the 70s

Two items to call to your attention today.

First, a tip of the cap to my good friend Scourge, who will be putting her blog back on line soon. She offers an advertisement that pretty much speaks for itself. I'm a copywriter and I have to believe that there's a special place in copywriting Valhalla for the guy who got this one on the air.

Meanwhile, for all you Schoolhouse Rock fans out there, I commend to your attention this update from the ever-clever Jim Treacher. Although these days I'd like to see someone update this one.


Right Hook said...

Nice post, but you left out the ever popular Interplanet Janet...

Dan S. said...

The Treacher cartoon is brilliant. It definitely needs to be sung and recorded!

PS - Is that Ballbuster ad for real? I don't remember it, but if it is for real, I bow down to its awesome craptacularity.

Mark Heuring said...

Well, couldn't get 'em all, RH. But you're right, Interplanet Janet is crucial.

Dan, the Ballbuster ad is real. I do remember seeing that in the mid-70s. Since I was a kid, the other meaning flew right over my head. Like so much from the 70s, it falls under the "so bad it's great" category.

John Bunch said...

I remember that ad. I am trying to recall as much as I can (i.e. that is not deeply repressed) from the 1970s, to explain to the young people of today, who did not live through "malaise" and stagflation and America apologizing to the world for every problem no matter where it is, to give them an idea of what probably is ahead of us.

- John B.