Saturday, February 14, 2009

Why I Love the Internet

Because it makes it a lot easier to document the perfidy of politicians.

(H/T: Allah)


Gino said...

the stimulus isnt the first.
last week he signed a massive tax increase on cigarettes. that wasnt posted online either.

Right Hook said...

Didn't you hear the Messiah's mouthpiece come out yesterday and explain that the promises applied only to "ordinary legislation and matters" and not to "emergencies"?

Apparently we're going to have a lot of critical legislation like the emergency cigarette tax increase during his tenure in office that will have to be signed immediately to "prevent disasters from becoming catastrophes".

Anonymous said...

Posted om Thursday, signed on Tuesday. Sounds like 5 days to me. But I was never very good at math.


Mark Heuring said...

Bill was finished late (and I mean really late) on Thursday and passed on Friday, Rich. Two days of weekend and a federal holiday later, Obama signs it. That would be 4 days under the most generous reading and 1 business day. But you'll be clinging to a lot of technicalities in the coming years, so you might as well get used to it. :)

Anonymous said...

it was posted on the WH website on Thursday evening. If you guys can call waterboarding "enhanced interrogation" and still pretend that W was a fiscal conservative, we can call 4 days and 18 hours five days. The last administration was pretty strong on technicalities too, if I remember correctly.


Mark Heuring said...

I haven't ever pretended that Bush was a fiscal conservative. I defy you to find any words to that effect in this blog, Rich.

Just celebrate your crap sandwich, good sir. Remember what President Obama said -- I won.