Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Holy Roman Empire Was Neither Holy, Nor Roman, Nor an Empire. Discuss.

Read this story and riddle me this:

What's more bizarre?

(a) That Norma ("Jane Roe") McCorvey would be one of the protestors arrested at the Sotomayor hearings; or

(b) The senator she interrupted is Al Franken?



Gino said...

a) is more bizare.

miss norma could out curse, out scream, and even out drink franken if she wanted to.
and at only about 5'2", she could probably kick his ass,too.

(did i ever tell you i met her, one on one?)

my name is Amanda said...

It's more important for the Pro-Life movement to get a big name arrested - or else there might not have been a story at all.

As for getting this accomplished while Franken was speaking - well, I guess it had to be somebody...

Anonymous said...

I thought McCorvey's volte-face on abortion and abortion rights was pretty well known, but it never hurts to get it out in the open, so good for her. I am failing to understand the Franken reference. Does he have some tie to McCorvey that I don't know about? Honestly, I am not tryingg to be a smart-ass.


Mark Heuring said...


I did know about McCorvey, but the whole thing just struck me as surreal. And since erstwhile professional smartass Franken was the guy who got interrupted, it was just a smidge more surreal to me. No further meaning than that, really.