Saturday, July 11, 2009

il miglior fabbro

Peggy Noonan, a writer I've long admired, has been off the rails for at least a year now. She wrote an especially despicable column about our favorite politician yesterday. I was thinking about fisking the column, but there's no need. Doctor Zero over at Hot Air has it all under control.

A representative sample of the rich, fisky goodness on offer at the link:

Noonan is symptomatic of a defeated, collaborative wing of the GOP that wants nothing more than to be thought well of by the Left, which they believe has decisively won the political and cultural battles of the twentieth century. Their idea of a “conservative” is someone who can eke out a small discount on the price tag of mammoth liberal programs. Their goal in 2012 is to find a bland, pleasant, “moderate” Republican, who can win the approval of the media mullahs as a “serious candidate,” then lose gracefully and give America’s First Black President his second term. The idea of serious conservative reform terrifies them: radical overhaul of the tax system, dramatic reduction in the size of government, a system that compels Congress to live like humble servants of the people instead of Renaissance royalty… Who will throw those wonderful cocktail parties in Washington, if the conservatives burn half the city down? Who will tell Peggy bedtime stories of dashing social engineers with titanic government schemes? Where will she find hip, exciting statists she can celebrate with schoolgirl treacle, like this nonsense from her 2008 endorsement of Obama: “Something new is happening in America. It is the imminent arrival of a new liberal moment. History happens, it makes its turns, you hold on for dear life. Life moves.” She was on to something with that last bit. Obama has made a lot of American businesses think about moving.

Go read the whole thing. Do not hesistate.


Gino said...

damn, that peggy turned all bitch the past year,hasnt she?

but, what this shows is who she has always been. she wrote the same kind of condescending 'analysis' of her democrat opponents, which was never all that analytical in a intellectual sense.

come to think of it... i cant remember peg ever writing a defense of conservatism that wasn't filled with strung together talking points.

i owned one of her books once (the hillary smear book). couldnt finish it. not that intelligent, and heavily emotion based.

peg is being peg. just hanging out with the cotillion girls, as she always has.

basically, she's a cock chaser. she goes where her ovaries flutter.
read her words about reagan and bush. they are they same type of personality-based love that she shows for obama.
never gets into their ideas, and what makes thses ideas better.

Mark Heuring said...

You may be right, Gino.

She's an excellent stylist. Most political writing of any sort is "strung together talking points," though. I didn't read her Hillary book, but I did read "When Character Was King," her book about Reagan, which I enjoyed. Her fellow speechwriter Peter Robinson's book on Reagan, "How Ronald Reagan Changed My Life" was better, though.

W.B. Picklesworth said...

This morning I was listening to a repeat of Ron Rosenbaum filling in for Dan Barreiro. He was so excited about this column. According to him, it was was written in the most conservative newspaper in the country by an unarguably conservative conservative. And he kept saying, Peggy Noonan literally skewers Sarah Palin.

I was laughing in my car at how out of touch he is and wishing that the show wasn't a repeat so that I could call in and disabuse him of the notion that Peggy Noonan is some kind of conservative icon. Obviously he was just gleeful that a "conservative" was ripping Palin, insinuating that this provided validation.

Taking a step back, it's fine to criticize Palin. Knock yourself out. But she is not the problem in the Republican party (I'm not saying that she is necessarily the solution either). The biggest problems in the GOP, as your post points out, are folks like Peggy Noonan who have conservative credentials, but lack the guts and the heart to fight for conservative ideas. Conservative ideas are better than liberal ones, flat out, no contest.* We need people who are willing to make that case unapologetically.

*Just to be clear, I am not saying that conservatives are better people than liberals. I'm not even saying that conservatives are smarter. The ideas themselves are empirically superior.