Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Not to put too fine a point on it

I've never been so proud of my senators as I am today. Watch our solons in action as:

Al Franken asks Sonia Sotomayor to discuss Perry Mason episodes; and

Amy Klobuchar asks Sonia Sotomayor about watching the All Star Game.

On the bright side, Franken is saving his follow up questions concerning Matlock ("Why did Matlock always wear the same suit? I think he got it from Sam Ervin.") and L. A. Law ("So when you watched L.A. Law, did you ever fantasize about having sex with Victor Sifuentes? Because I totally wanted to nail that Grace Van Owen chick."). Maybe he'll ask those tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

you just might have yourself a case of FDS (Which I can understand), but that doesn't change the fact that I just sprayed my laptop wit the coffee I was drinking. Great line:}


Anonymous said...

If you are looking for a silver lining in the Sotomayor nomination, consider this: Henceforth, there will be at least one Hispanic person on SCOTUS. So, just as there was (in the 20TH Century) a Jewish Justice, and since the 60's, a Black Justice, and since the 80's, at least one women Justice, there will always be a Hispanic Justice from now on. Chances are extremely good that that Justice will be Catholic, with a strong possibility that they will be pro-life, or at least empathetic to the pro-life position (no irony intended). It may not be a magic bullet, but it is a step in the right direction in this Phyrric War.


Mark Heuring said...

Oops - sorry about the laptop, dude.

I take your point about the Hispanic justice. I would have preferred Miguel Estrada, though. Elections have consequences.

Right Hook said...

It would be nice just to get a justice that understands the Constitution as well as the proper role of the Court.

The diversity nonsense should not even be a factor in selecting a nominee and will take care of itself over time anyway. It appears that the current nominee was selected largely to institutionalize the affirmative action and social(ist) "justice" agenda of the left, as well as to score points for the current occupant of the White House with the race and ethnicity group politics constituency.

Dennis J said...

Yesterday was Jesse Ventura's birthday. What better gift can these two give "The Mind" than proof that Jesse isn't the most stupid politician to serve Minnesotans?

-Mr. Shirt

Mark Heuring said...

It was thoughtful, wasn't it, Mr. Shirt?

And thanks for visiting -- stop by anytime!

Gino said...

reminds me of that black senatoress from IL who was a moron and got elected anyway.

when asked, she said stated that she did NOT want to be appointed to the judiciary committee.

prompting a comentator to explain: because everything they do there is televised, and if you're an idiot, people will know it.

Mark Heuring said...


Ah yes, Carol Moseley Braun. She was elected to be Anita Hill's revenge. I was in the process of leaving Chicago during that election cycle and it was quite amusing to see her unseat the incumbent senator, Al "The Pal" Dixon, who was an old-school gladhander but in the main a fairly decent guy. Dixon had been roughed up by a third primary candidate named Al Holfeld, who was a rich dude trying to buy the seat. Hofeld eroded Dixon's support but he was such a putz that he didn't get many votes. Moseley Braun just kept quiet and won the primary.

Bet Rich remembers that one, too.

Anonymous said...

We refer to her, affectionately, as Eva Moseley Braun, and yes, I certainly remember her. Quite possibly the dumbest member of the Senate ever. I am not so sure how big a role Anita Hill played in that. While I doubt it hurt Braun, her nomination was a classic example of right place, right time. Much more reminiscent of Harold Washington's mayoral nomination 10 years earlier. It was a combination of Hofeld's money and arrogance, and some now minor transgression on the part of Dixon that had everyone ticked off at him about something I can't even remember, that led to Braun triangulating on a win by keeping her mouth shut.

Her task in the general was then to take down Al Salvi. Another arrogant and wealthy trial lawyer who was just slightly more electable in Illinois than Alan Keyes.

She had a horseshoe up her question about it. But two years into her term, she was done.