Monday, July 25, 2016

Belly of the Beast

We spent a lot of time discussing about the People's Stadium back in the day. Now it is here and I went to the open house yesterday with the Benster and another blog correspondent. It's quite the structure, to be certain. As you approach the front of the building, you get a sense of the scope:

Along the enormous glass facade, you see the enormous doors to the stadium, which stand nearly 100 feet high. I am told those are among the largest doors in the world. Inside the stadium, you can see parts of the skyline quite clearly:

The halo building looms
It was a beautiful day yesterday and the light coming in from the windows and the ceiling does illuminate the field quite nicely:

The sun shines and people forget
If you look closely, you can see that the fans are in the end zones and not in the primo seats. And thereby hangs a tale. The open house we attended wasn't, well, that open. You cannot get to the primo seats without passing through a lobby/suite area and since those of us in the building hadn't ponied up the $20 or so for a tour, we didn't have access to the areas at all. Unless you have some coin, you don't apparently get access to the good seats, even on a day where nothing in particular is happening. As taxpayers, we do get to pay for the building, though. Maybe I should be more grateful.

The main concourse is wide and easy to navigate, but getting up to the bleeders may be a problem, as there aren't as many escalators as you might expect. We didn't check out the bathrooms or the concessions that closely, but there doesn't seem to be a lack of options. That's good.

We'll be back in the building in October for a marching band event; we may get more access then.

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