Monday, July 18, 2016

Lightning Round -- 071816

The news hasn't been very good at all lately and it comes so fast that I'm finding it difficult to keep up. That's when you need a Lightning Round!

  • Three police officers murdered in Baton Rouge, which was the scene of a controversial police-involved incident in which a suspect named Alton Sterling was killed during a struggle with police. The guy who killed the cops seems to be ex-military and a self-styled Black Panther. Meanwhile, another cop was shot in Milwaukee, although he survived because of his bullet-proof vest. I have a feeling this is going to get worse.
  • The local Black Lives Matter was planning to protest at Rosedale Mall on Sunday, but the protest was canceled. Roseville is just south of us and our parish is there, so we were in the area after going to Mass. The police presence was, frankly, a little unnerving. I saw at least a half-dozen state patrol vehicles driving up and down Snelling Avenue, which borders Rosedale on the east and we even saw increased security at the neighboring HarMar Mall, which is down the road a half mile from Rosedale. According to the linked article, the planned protest was a diversion and that the real target is Falcon Heights, which is where Philando Castile was shot. I am glad that BLM stood down, especially in the wake of what's happening in Baton Rouge. Tensions are very high right now in our area.
  • Meanwhile, it's been essentially radio silence on the Castile matter. Investigations are underway, but there's been little news in the last week or so. I still would like to know more about the robbery incident that took place in Lauderdale two days before Castile was killed, especially since the St. Anthony police officer who shot Castile apparently stopped him because he resembled the perps in the Lauderdale case.
  • They've been building expensive new sporting venues all over the Twin Cities in recent years, but I'd not been to two of them before this weekend. Now I have. We were at a Drum Corps International show at TCF Bank Stadium on Saturday, and then we attended a Saints game at their tidy new ballpark in Lowertown on Sunday. TCF is an impressive facility and it was a good place to watch a competition. The sightlines in the stadium are terrific and the view of the skyline and the university itself are fantastic. The one problem was concession prices were ridiculous, but we enjoyed ourselves. The new ballpark in St. Paul is a great place to watch a game -- it's intimate and fits well into the existing neighborhood, which has a lot more bustle than it used to. I've lived in the Twin Cities for nearly a quarter century and we've never had much reason to spend time in the Lowertown area of downtown St. Paul; most of the major attractions (Xcel Energy Center, the History Center, the Science Museum) are on the west side of downtown and until recently, unless you had business in the area, it wasn't a place worth visiting. Gentrification is ongoing in Lowertown now, however, and it's got the same vibe you get in the Warehouse District in Minneapolis. I'm a suburban guy and it's not my milieu, but it was fun to visit. We'll get to see the new monstrosity where the Vikings play later on in the year.
  • Meanwhile, I haven't even gotten to Turkey and Mike Pence. Maybe another time. Events are in the saddle.


R.A. Crankbait said...

Hey - doesn't that new Vikings - I mean, "People's" - Stadium have a big opening in September? Something purple-oriented? Sounds like a great opportunity for BLM to shut something down. That's where the rubber (bullets) hits the road.

Bike Bubba said...

Hope and change. I want mine back.

Mr. D said...

Hey - doesn't that new Vikings - I mean, "People's" - Stadium have a big opening in September? Something purple-oriented? Sounds like a great opportunity for BLM to shut something down. That's where the rubber (bullets) hits the road.

That's entertainment!

Bike Bubba said...

Praise God for vests. I remember seeing some research when I visited West Point in high school about Kevlar armor--it was at the point of bullet-resistant helicopter pilot seats then, a bit too heavy to wear. Good stuff.

And regarding the whole scene, it strikes me that the country survived the OKC disaster and the militia movement, and we can survive long as we keep our heads about us and listen to Dr. King.

Bike Bubba said...

Oooh. First regular season home game. Wouldn't want to waste it on preseason, after all. Better press from NBC than Fox, too.