Thursday, July 14, 2016

Point of order

Regarding the Philando Castile case, I have two questions that I would hope an enterprising reporter might ask:

Q1. The police scanner audio we've heard indicates that the St. Anthony cops who stopped Castile were on the lookout for an armed robbery suspect who held up a gas station in nearby Lauderdale, one of the other small communities that contracts with the SAPD for law enforcement. This security camera picture shows the robber in action:

Who is this man?
Are the local police still on the lookout for the perpetrator of this robbery? If they are, it would be good to know, because we don't want armed robbery suspects out on the streets.

Q2. Does the gun this robber is holding match the gun that Castile had at the time Officers Yanez and Kauser stopped him? That would also be good to know.

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Bike Bubba said...

Lots of questions, most of which would be answered with a body camera or good dashboard video. Sigh.

My gut now is that with an inexpensive pistol in his pocket or on his lap, dope and the smell of dope in the car, dreads, a broken taillight and at least looking like an armed robbery suspect, the deceased (and circumstances) did not make it easy for the officer to make this a routine stop of a carry permit holder (which he appeared to be). Sympathetic comments about the New Black Panthers on his Facebook account further suggest his attitude may have been in Chris Rock's "NO" column--as well as his getting 41 traffic convictions in a little over the past decade.