Wednesday, July 13, 2016

That's entertainment

Getcha popcorn:
Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges blasted the “jackass remarks” made by the head of the city’s police union on Tuesday, while Police Chief Janeé Harteau issued a more measured response after four Minneapolis police officers walked off an off-duty job at a Minnesota Lynx game Saturday.
Here are the actual remarks, but notice something:
Mayor Hodges wrote, “Bob Kroll’s remarks about the Lynx are jackass remarks. Let me be clear: labor leadership inherently does not speak on behalf of management. Bob Kroll sure as hell doesn’t speak for me about the Lynx or about anything else.”
The context -- members of the Lynx wore warmup t-shirts before a recent game that namechecked Black Lives Matter. I'm not sure that was a particularly good public relations move, but the team can do as they please. Bob Kroll, the police union leader, ripped the Lynx for it.

So Mayor Hodges believes Bob Kroll acted stupidly, as another great orator of our time might have suggested. But did you catch the part about labor and management? I thought public sector unions were A-OK with Democratic politicians. Hmmm.


Bike Bubba said...

Nothing like accusing the people responsible for your security of racism, I tell you. What are they going to do next, wear shirts showing 400 lb. officers eating donuts, or maybe a picture of people being blasted by water cannons or being attacked by German shepherds?

No denial that there are occasional issues with "DWB citations" and the like, but to paint with that broad brush is just to deny reality and start a fight that we can ill afford. Plus, dumb question; do most black people actually care about the WNBA, or is it more of a playground for rich urban liberals? That setting kinda matters.

R.A. Crankbait said...

Well, De Blasio is probably not on the NYPD's Christmas card list.

Look for the MPD to start staking out the lane at Target Center to cite Seimone Augustus for DWB.