Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Lightning Round -- 081016

Too many topics, not enough time. Let's start, shall we?

  • One of the advantages of being #NeverTrump is that you don't have any obligations to take up the cudgels on his behalf. Having said that, I don't take the hyperventilating about his "Second Amendment people" remarks very seriously. He's not calling for anyone to assassinate Hillary Clinton and "Second Amendment people" wouldn't do it, anyway. There are dozens of reasons to oppose Trump; we've discussed many of them in this space. This latest incident is not one of them.
  • And in case you've forgotten, Hillary Clinton has a history of thinking out loud as well. The cries of anguish that were directed against her comments then were similarly self-serving.
  • And because Trump is too busy saying stupid things, it's easy for the media to ignore things they shouldn't ignore. And other things, too. We'll be coming back to the matter of Shahram Amiri in another post, as his case underscores the real world consequences of Hillary Clinton's extraordinarily reckless behavior.
  • Looks like Jason Lewis won the primary in CD2. I used to listen to Jason's radio show quite a lot on the afternoon drive home, especially in his first incarnation as "Minnesota's Mr. Right"; he's a very bright man and does an excellent job of presenting the conservative worldview. It's going to be a close race in CD2, which is significantly more blue than it once was, but he should have a good chance of winning. The DFL candidate, Angie Craig, will have a lot of money and institutional support behind her, but I'm not seeing much of a rationale for her campaign other than to be a slightly less tone-deaf version of Betty McCollum. We already have one of those.
  • Meanwhile, Phyllis Kahn is finally done, after losing her DFL primary against newcomer Ilhan Omar. Kahn has been in the Lege since 1973. That's a long run. What was perhaps more surprising is that another Minneapolis DFLer, Joe Mullery, went down last night as well. Understanding the machinations of the DFL in the city is difficult at best, but on balance getting rid of tenured deadwood is usually a positive step, and Kahn and Mullery won't be missed.
  • And over in Wisconsin, Paul Ryan edged his primary opponent by about 70 points.
  • And before we forget, let's also remember the sorts of guests who attend Hillary Clinton rallies. No word yet on whether Zubeidat Tsarnaeva will be turning up at a Clinton rally in Boston.


Nathan Bissonette said...

I know it's early and things could change . . . but what's your prediction? Hillary wins president by a landslide? By a whisker? Not at all?

Mr. D said...

I think Hillary will win, but it's not a done deal yet. In a month things will be more clear.

Gino said...

Trump should be rolling to a landslide if this was a regular election. But looks like the media and the gop are both going all in to elect Hillary. I don't think anybody can withstand that kind of attack.

Mr. D said...

We don't know how Julian Assange and Vladimir Putin are voting. That will make a difference.

Gino said...

Not really. If nobody is reporting outside of breitbart or Drudge, it never happened.