Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Primary Day

There really isn't much happening in our immediate area, but there are a few primaries worth mentioning in Minnesota, especially in the 2nd CD, where a number of candidates are vying to replace the eminently replaceable John Kline. I don't have a horse in this race; I used to listen to Jason Lewis back in the day, but I'm not certain he's appreciably better than John Howe or Darlene Miller. The fourth candidate running, Matt Erickson, claims to be a Trump supporter but in fact he has been doing an extended performance art piece in lieu of a campaign. I've seen some of it play out on social media. I'm amused:
Matthew Erickson is always one for a fight. In September 2004, like a scene out of Gran Torino, the 17 year-old heard a honk outside his home. Five young Hmong men had broken the window on his Ford pick-up. Without a second thought he raced out the door in stocking feet, unarmed, and chased them down the block. After trading blows, the police arrived to help subdue the perpetrators before they could get away. Matthew’s brother called the cops while bringing up the rear. The thieves were caught with the stolen property of a dozen other neighborhood vehicles. They had been terrorizing the city in this way all summer.

There is always a man who is hot for a fight and, ladies and gentleman, Matthew David Erickson is that man.
That's the intro on the "About" page on his website. The most amusing part of his campaign has been watching the MSM attempt to tiptoe around his candidacy. You're not going to Congress, Matt, but you might have a future at the Brave New Workshop.

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