Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The New Brighton Kangaroo Court Meets a Real Court -- Part Four, Keep It Dark

Parts one, two and three are available at the provided links.

We briefly return to the story of the New Brighton City Council. The mayor decided to have a special emergency meeting to figure out how to respond to the order from Ramsey County Judge Lezlie Ott Marek that struck down the improper city ordinance seeking to change the election cycle. You can access the meeting agenda and a video at the links I've provided, although there's not much to see, as the video goes dark after a minute. What you will note is that the meeting took all of five minutes.

If the city is getting competent legal advice, they should have been told to forget trying to appeal the order. They were wrong on the facts and the law, and they also improperly rejected a petition to set things right. If the mayor and city council attempt an appeal, they will only compound the numerous errors they have made.

We'll keep watching the events unfold.

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