Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mystery Dance

Romeoville was restless, it was ready to kill:
The commotion began about 10 p.m. when police were alerted to a theft in progress at the store, Romeoville Police Chief Mark Turvey said. Police officers waited outside the store and soon saw two men bringing a shopping cart out of the store toward the Sunfire, police and witnesses said.

One of the suspects ran toward the Sunfire, police said. An officer caught up with him but the suspect "closed the car door on the officer's arm, not allowing the officer to disengage from the vehicle," police said in a statement. "The driver then drove away, dragging the officer with the vehicle.

"A second responding officer verbally ordered the driver multiple times to stop the vehicle as it continued in the parking lot, dragging the officer," the statement said. "After repeated orders to stop, the officer fire three to four shots at the driver."

The driver, 52, was wounded in the left arm, police said. The Sunfire stopped and the driver and a passenger were arrested. A third suspect was arrested in the store. All three suspects are from Joliet.
Let me tell you that I've tried and I've tried and I'm still mystified.

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R.A. Crankbait said...

Romeoville is bleeding, but not so's you can notice.