Friday, May 06, 2016

What does #NeverTrump mean, local edition

Our friend and multimedia sensation Brad Carlson offered a useful synopsis of what #NeverTrump should mean:
So does this mean I would vote for Hillary Clinton for President? Uhhh, no. Not. A. Flippin'. Chance. I would not vote for a Democrat if someone literally (and I do mean literally) held a gun to my head while at my polling place.

Of course the typical retort might be that "not voting for POTUS or a vote for a third party candidate is equivalent to a vote for Hillary." Well, I live in Minnesota. A Republican hasn't carried this state in a general election since Richard Nixon in 1972. That trend isn't likely to change in 2016, so my vote would be of little consequence regardless of whom I support. 
The gun to one's head won't happen until after Hillary repeals the Second Amendment, but I digress. And Brad is right about one thing -- it doesn't matter how you vote in Minnesota. I will be supporting a number of candidates on the ballot with an (R) after their names. In particular, I'll be supporting Camden Pike in his efforts to grab an open seat in House District 41B. It will be a tough push to get any Republican elected in Minnesota in this cycle, but doing so matters and Camden is the sort of young, enthusiastic candidate we need to change the disastrous trajectory in St. Paul.

The point about #NeverTrump is rejecting a guy who isn't a conservative, a guy who would take the country in a bad direction. It's not a matter of party, at least for me; I have backed away from party politics in the last two years, a decision I made before Trump began his campaign. It's about rejecting the orc-like behavior of too many Trump supporters, rejecting a man who lacks a moral compass, eschewing a man who treats principles like Charmin. Most of all, it's providing a categorical no to the installation of yet another unscrupulous individual in the Oval Office based on a cult of personality.

I can promise you this much -- I am prepared to document every outrage from both the of likely major party candidates. Hillary Clinton is a monster and she'll receive nothing from this feature other than the contempt she richly deserves. I look forward to the FBI leaks once the Obama Justice department wipes its butt with the rule of law and ignores the crimes Clinton has committed. We'll talk about all of it. But I can't -- I won't -- support a man who accuses his rival's father of being an accomplice to Lee Harvey Oswald, based on nothing. I don't know the condition of Donald Trump's soul, but I have my own to worry about; supporting a scoundrel like Donald Trump won't help matters.


jerrye92002 said...

How about this: Rather than accepting that Hillary is going to win Minnesota, and maybe the whole enchilada, why not at least TRY to defeat Her Majesty? I won't ask you to support Trump. I don't. But I will vote for him with the idea that he is still the lesser of two evils, if only by a hair.

Mr. D said...

I'm going to try to defeat Hillary. Watch and see.

jerrye92002 said...

I would much prefer to have a hint of the strategy. Maybe I could help. If you can suggest how #NeverTrump and #NeverHillary are not mutually exclusive, I'm all ears.

Mr. D said...

I've explained my position at least twice here and once in MBerg's comment section. It's not an either/or proposition with #NeverTrump and #NeverHillary. It never has been. I have made the judgment, based on due consideration, that either one would be a moral disaster and a practical abomination in the Oval Office. So I oppose both. I don't need a strategy to do that. All I have to do is be true to my principles.

jerrye92002 said...

"It's not an either/or proposition with #NeverTrump and #NeverHillary."

No offense intended, and maybe I'm being dense, but I am simply not able to NOT see the inherent contradiction there. One of the two will win, correct? Are you saying there is some third possibility?

Mr. D said...

Yes, one of them will almost certainly be the next president of the United States.

Being #NeverTrump doesn't mean I'm prepared to do anything to stop his election. If taken to its logical extreme, that would mean suggesting or undertaking a course of action that would earn me a visit from the Secret Service. I'm not doing that. #NeverTrump simply means I will never support Donald Trump's candidacy, because (in my mind) he's unfit to be president. For different reasons, Hillary Clinton is also manifestly unfit to be president. Hence, I am also #NeverHillary.

It's a moral statement most of all. And because it's a moral statement, I believe I am also required to state why I feel both of the major party candidates are manifestly unfit to be president. And so I shall.

I would also add that four other people contribute to this blog, all of whom are members of my family — my wife, my two children, and my brother. If they feel differently about the election, they will be able to make their argument here without any restrictions on my part.

I assume you have examined your own conscience and made a determination of how you will choose to address this dilemma. Whatever you decide is what you decide. I can only speak for me.

jerrye92002 said...

I must admire your principles, but I simply cannot get to where you are. I have always said that, at least in elections, "to not decide is to decide," or perhaps in this case, to not decide is to let someone else decide for you. It's an unavoidable truth that sometimes Republicans are constrained by their principles, but Democrats never are. They will vote for the worst imaginable scoundrel, even an indicted felon (maybe) without batting an eye. And Republicans will "not vote for" or throw a guy out of the Speaker's chair for having an affair.

Mr. D said...

You're under no obligation to admire my principles at all. And you are correct -- to not decide is to decide. I've decided. So it goes.

jerrye92002 said...

Oh, I hope it does not go THAT way. And I decided to admire your principles freely and without obligation.