Saturday, September 03, 2016

Is the Wetterling Case Finally Over?

It would appear so.

What an awful thing it's been. Prayers go out to the Wetterling family, and woe betide the monster who committed this horrible act so many years ago.

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R.A. Crankbait said...

It's just about over. Every chilling detail has now been dragged out, and as much as you knew what was coming, it didn't make it easier. I will not diminish the potential effects of cathartic closure - for the family or the community - but it is a bit of anti-climax to see the exchange is 20 years in the federal pen on one charge of possessing child pornography, followed presumably by lifetime residence in Minnesota's sex offender center in Moose Lake (unless the Supreme Court says otherwise). Would 100 years have sounded more like justice? I mean, he only has so many years that he can live and you can't kill him over and over.

Still, I rather wish that in all of his confessions he also happened to mention what he might have on Hillary that he was willing to testify to as well.