Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Light posting

We are having difficulty with our computer at home. That makes it difficult to do much blogging. I am actually using the voice to text function on my phone to create this post.

I will figure out what is going on with our computer and at that point we will be able to resume normal blogging activities. For now, I recommend this piece from Sarah Hoyt, in which she takes the
former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox, to task for his grandstanding. Key graf:
Yes, I understand Mexico is a proud country. Do tell me what it has to be proud of! Is it the fact that you have to send your citizens like beggars abroad? Is it your inability to enforce the law? Is it your governance, which is the laughing stock of the world?

You don’t like to be called a sh*thole? Very well. Stop being one. Give less consideration to your “image” in the world and more to how your country functions. Stop the corruptocracy. Enforce honesty and the rule of law. Reform your schools. Stop the rampaging of the drug lords.
Good advice. More at the link.


Brad Carlson said...

Kurt Schlichter said it best:

"It's always fun to be lectured by a guy who has the decapitated bodies hanging from the overpasses of his cities."

Bike Bubba said...

Amen. Somehow the left has figured out a way to argue simultaneously that there are millions of refugees fleeing their home countries under fear of death or grievous harm who deserve a home in the U.S. or western Europe, but that there is nothing apparently wrong with the countries they're fleeing.

Gino said...

that is a blistering read.

Fox wasnt that popular in mexico when he left office. i work with a lot of mexican nationals, and they told he didnt do anything for the people there. they called him The President of Mexicans living in the USA, because he spent more time chumming with pres Bush, lobbying for increased border access and services for illegals... which we know he had some success in that.