Thursday, October 31, 2019

Don't bother, they're here

There ought to be clowns, we are told. Lots of them. Items to note:

  • I know I’ve said this before, but it’s been obvious from the jump why this particular Schiff-scented impeachment confection had to take place at this time. While I expect IG Horowitz to pull his punches again, Durham won’t. The entire point of the charade is to allow the Democrats to characterize the Durham investigation as revenge, rather than the pursuit of justice.
  • Angie Craig and Dean Phillips must have looked at the polls and decided this faux impeachment vote won’t hurt them. Perhaps they’re right; suburbia is filled with minivan Mensheviks and Bad Orange Man offends a lot of sensibilities in places like Eden Prairie and Eagan. Craig in particular may feel the wind is at her back since Jason Lewis is gunning for Tina Smith instead, but she’s still gonna get challenged. 
  • Collin Peterson voted against impeachment. He’s looking at the polls, too. Prediction: if this blows up on the Democrats and yet Peterson still survives, he’ll cross the aisle in 2021, especially if the House flips. It may be his only way to survive.
  • Speaking of worried Democrats, you may also have noticed that Barack Obama spoke out recently against “cancel culture.” This isn’t a matter of intellectual bravery or principled liberalism, to the extent principled liberalism is even possible at this particular hour. Obama’s stance is really about something else: he’s seen the Lion King and knows what happened to Scar. He’s already getting “OK Boomer” sneers from some quarters and he knows the revolutionaries he nurtured are now coming of age. And they may come for him soon enough.


Gino said...

the shame: this is the most potentially bipartisan president we have had in generations. Trump wants to fix stuff that is broken. He doesnt care who is with him, as long as they are willing to make the deal.

right now, we have new trade agreements with Mexico and Canada that will fix the harm that NAFTA did to our labor class. Pelosi refuses to bring them to a vote, that is sure to pass, because she doesnt want to give Trump credit for any good.
never mind that her side will get something too.

same with the DACA thing.

Trump may behave in ways that others do not, but he is the only adult in the room. thats a fact.

I dont know if our republic will survive this. I kinda hope it doesnt. shit is broken and its time to burn it down.
let it burn.
sure, there will be blood, but blood needs to be shed every now and then...

the comfortable people need to be made less so.
there will be no changes until that happens.
let it happen.
it must happen.

Petercorp said...

I don't understand cancel culture. But I'm over thirty making me a boomer. I don't know where these people are, but I need to. It'll help for me to steer clear of them. We're not all going to be able to agree on everything. It advances us to learn different viewpoints. Arguing isn't about winning, it's the exchange of ideas.

They'll eat their own too. A professor at some university was telling her students not to vote for white males. A liberal pundit pointed out that it was racist and sexist to suggest that. I believe that he was banned from ever speaking at the university.

I was at a party that my roommate was having a few months ago. A girl who is dating a guy that used to be a girl interrupted a conversation that I was having with another girl during the event. She mentioned how it's incorrect to refer to people by him or her unless you have spoken to, or know them in order to be made aware of what they go by. I just thanked her and continued my conversation that I was already having that didn't involve her.

I'm too young to be a conservative, and I'm too old to be a liberal. I guess that I'll just go to political purgatory. Even though it seems so similar to political hell. But just until the day when not liking something only means that you just don't do it and move on along.