Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday's snark has learned to tie its bootlace

Item: New Orleans Saints 34, Green Bay Packers 27
New Orleans gift-wrapped the game, but the Packers are currently too dim-witted to take it. You can't blame this one on Favre, but you can't assume that they are going to get any better. It's possible that the Lions are all that stands between the Pack and 0-16.

Item: Star Tribune Minnesota polls reveal Pawlenty and Hatch tied, Klobuchar up by 500 points
Okay, I guess it was only 24 points that Klobuchar was up. I've written at some length about the idiocies of Mark Kennedy's campaign and while I don't believe that Klobuchar has it wrapped up, he is in trouble. An honest poll would show Klobuchar's lead at about 8-10 points, so Kennedy has work to do. I saw his first negative ad last night. It won't be the last one, but he'll have to do that, because the local media will not lift a finger to help him explain what's wrong with Darling Amy; although if any enterprising reporters were so inclined, they might start by interviewing staffers in the Hennepin County Attorney's office. Oh, and if the Minnesota Poll says Pawlenty is tied with Hatch, that means Pawlenty is up by 8 to 10 points, minimum. I don't think Hatch is a bad guy; his heart is clearly in the right place. But he comes across as very angry on television. And Mrs. Dilettante's helpful suggestion is that Hatch get his teeth fixed. It's always a good idea to listen to Mrs. Dilettante, I might add.

Item: Pope apologizes for comments regarding Muslims
This is astonishing on at least two levels. First, Popes as a rule generally don't apologize for anything. For most of the past millenium the Vatican considered the Spanish Inquisition as a personnel matter. But times have changed, obviously, and Benedict XVI well remembers that his predecessor was the target of an assassin's bullet not long after he ascended to the throne of St. Peter. The message here - even Popes need to get with the program, which is as follows:

  1. Islam is a RELIGION OF PEACE.
  2. Those who take issue with this are infidels and will be killed.

Make sure you're taking notes on this, by the way.

Item: John McCain gums up Bush efforts to define CIA practices

McCain apparently feels that because he was tortured as a POW, that somehow if the US takes the moral high ground and eschews interrogation techniques beyond those given to 9 year old girls, our soldiers will not suffer the fate he did. Guess I missed the part of the Geneva Conventions that deal with beheading by scimitar, followed by worldwide broadcast on Al-Jazeera. Have to keep up with appearance, McCain says. The appearance he's keeping up with in this instance is, unfortunately, weakness.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Dilletante obviously didn't watch the entire Packer Game. While they gave the game away, there were some signs of improvement. In the final analysis, the Saints most likely won't be a bad team. I'm not saying the Packers will have a winning record, but 0-16 (or 2-14 if you count Detroit) is a bit extreme. The thought here is still for a 5-11 or 6-10 season, with improvement each week. Meanwhile in Minnesota, they are 2-0, but the defensemen are dropping like flies. Sadly, it looks like no one can stop the Bears from winning the NFC North. Abe Gibron must be smiling from his grave!

Mark said...

Abe Gibron must be smiling from his grave!

Not likely. Abe Gibron never smiled.