Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Accept No Substitutes

Bombo Rivera. Ask for him by name.


Anonymous said...

As a White Sox fan, I am happy to give this one to Oscar Gamble. But you have to agree that Bake McBride was a close second.


And you just can't pass up an opportunity to highlight a guy named Bake?


Brad Carlson said...

Yeah, those late 70s Twins were a memorable bunch. Bombo Rivera, Hosken Powell, Willie Norwood, Butch Wynegar, et al

Ron Jackson was the first baseman who had the nickname "Papa Jack". Then Pioneer Press columnist Patrick Reusse drew the ire of Jackson by calling him "Papa Up."

Ah, the memories!!

Night Writer said...

Memories? My dad, brother and I were at Busch Stadium for a Cardinals-Mets game late one summer a long, long time ago when the announcer said, "Now entering the game and making his major league debut...Bake McBride!"