Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another Nice Looking Member of the White Sox

It's former White Sox pitching sensation (and one-time Appleton Foxes star) Steve Trout.


Penigma said...

When I was pretty young, my father and I were travelling through WI and saw Mr. Trout pitch in Appleton (family has a cabin up nord, don chya know).

Steve had a looping curve, and was of course known on ESPN (by Berman) as Steve "Rainbow" Trout as result - he pitched better for the Cubs than the Sox, if memory serves - to whom he went in the early 80's

Mark Heuring said...

P, I'll bet anything I was there. I lived less than a mile from Goodland Field and my brothers and I used to go to the games pretty much every night. I saw Trout pitch many times. And you are right - he was significantly better with the Cubs.