Saturday, June 07, 2008

Giving Inevitability the Acid Test

The juggernaut is a comin' and it's going to crush everything in its path. The giant wagon of righteousness is rolling now and the nasty GOP is going to get its just desserts. As a conservative, I'm supposed to crawl under a rock in this election cycle and accept my fate. The Democratic Party, avatars of all that is good, decent and whole, are going to take over in the fall and bring us out of these evil days. I have heard that message a lot in the past year. It's simply inevitable. Don't question it, don't be skeptical. Just accept what is.

The Democrats must be confident in their inevitability. I mean, really confident. How else can you explain that they will be sending these guys out as their standard-bearers in the fall?

Two questions for the audience:

What does it say about the bench strength of the DFL that a candidate as obviously unqualified and ludicrous as Al Franken gets a first ballot endorsement to run for the Senate?

When you watch Barack Obama fluster and stumble through situations where he has to think on his feet and doesn't have his TelePrompTer, do you feel hope?


Gino said...

what does it say about the real world strength of the GOP that the democrats are expected to win with a bench like this?

Mark Heuring said...

Fair question, Gino. At least in the case of Franken, my point is the DFL has made a colossal mistake. Norm Coleman isn't a great senator, but there's no compelling reason to replace him with a moron like Al Franken. And Franken won't win.

The larger point is that we hear too much talking about candidates in the terminology of the racetrack tout and I think a lot of what I'm hearing is rot, as usual. I suspect Barack Obama won't do so well in the fall.

In other words, nothing is inevitable.

Right Hook said...

And it has been inevitable that a DFLer has held the Minnesota CD4 seat since 1950 or so...

This year we have a moron as the incumbent and an excellent candidate opposing her in Ed Matthews.

Hopefully this is the year that inevitability isn't.