Friday, June 20, 2008

She's Burnin' Up, Cap'n

So the newest hero speaking truth to power went to Capitol Hill today, raised his right hand and told us. . . well, nothing.

Scott McClellan explained to the bien pensants at the Judiciary Committee that while he doesn't know anything, he has suspicions. As U.S. News & World Report reports:

A key question Friday: Did Cheney order the misleading information about the Plame leak? McClellan said he didn't know but that "there's a lot of suspicions there. There's a cloud that lies over the vice president's office."

He doesn't know. Go figure.

I have suspicions, too. I suspect that Scott McClellan doesn't know what to say unless someone tells him what to say. At the Bush White House, he said whatever they asked him to. Someone else told him he could make a lot of money by bashing his former employer. And so he is.

Another suspicion that I have: since he's clearly a dry well for the scandal mongers up on Capitol Hill, his fifteen minutes are about up.

Congratulations, Mr. McClellan. Just a guess - in 34 years, you'll be remembered in Washington for the same reasons that this individual is remembered now. But please don't jump into the Tidal Basin, okay? No one wants to see that.


Uncle Ben said...

"So much lyin', disgrace and nice hair for one man? Lord."

Mark Heuring said...

Very nice, Ben.