Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Time for A Contest That I Predict Night Writer Will Win: UPDATE

Update: as of 8:30 on Wednesday, the leader in the clubhouse is Rich, with the Night Writer and Strolling Amok close behind. I'm going to leave this open until Friday evening. Let's see if anyone else is up to the challenge....

There's a boatload of bad karma going around right now and frankly I'd rather not think about it, much less write about it. So now is a good time for some harmless fun.

At my current freelance gig there is a weekly Friday trivia contest. You throw a quarter in the bucket and answer questions written by the previous week's winner. If you win, you get the pot (usually a lucrative $3 or so) and then you write the next week's questions. Not to brag, but I win a lot, which won't surprise some of you. So this week I had to write the questions. And I'm going to share them with you.

Since there is essentially no overlap between the Mr. Dilettante readership and my current co-workers, I can post this tonight and then submit it for Friday without having anyone spoil the fun. Here is how you play:

Below are 15 random song lyrics. You need to name (a) the song and (b) the artist that performed the song. You can email the answers to me at meheuring at yahoo dot com. The first person to provide all the correct answers will get a fabulous prize of some sort. Don't post the answers in the comments section, because that will help your opponents. If you want to offer trash talk about your encyclopedic knowledge of popular music in the comments section, feel free. We like that sort of thing. By the way, I think that most of these are pretty easy. And I know that you can probably Google up the answers to all of these in a matter of moments, but what's the sport in that?

Here you go:

1. But something is happening, and you don't know what it is. Do you, Mr. Jones?

2. So I took a big chance at the high school dance with a missy who was ready to play.

3. It's a teenage wasteland.

4. Got to have a Jones for this, a Jones for that, but this runnin' with the Joneses boy, just ain't where it's at.

5. Some people call me Maurice.

6. Dig if you will a picture, of you and I engaged in a kiss.

7. Good heavens, Miss Yakamoto, you're beautiful.

8. That's 1 for you, 19 for me.

9. I've been driving all night, my hand's wet on the wheel.

10. L.A. is a great big freeway, put a hundred down and buy a car.

11. If you want to find all the cops, they're hanging out in the donut shops.

12. So much rhythm grace and debonair for one man? Lord.

13. Kids if you want some fun, Mr. LaPage is your man.

14. You've been lyin', when you should have been truthin'.

15. I need a photo opportunity, I need a shot of redemption.

Tie breaker: Singer Paul Carrack has hit the Billboard charts with more than one band. Name the bands he has fronted and at least one single from each.

Based on what I know, I think the clubhouse favorite for this contest is the Night Writer. If you want a dark horse, look at the Anonymous Truck Driver (if he sees this in time). A hint for Dan S. - none of these songs are regularly performed in the 7th inning at Wrigley Field.

Play on, playas!


Dan S. said...

Just sent you mine, Mark. Without the aid of Google, I think I got about 19 of 30.

Can anyone (or everyone) beat that?

Night Writer said...

I think I've got all but maybe two - and without Googling! It turns out many of these songs have personal connections for me in some way. I'll email my answers, with the ommissions. No cheating from me!

Strolling Amok said...

My entry is on its way. I got either the artist or the title on quite a few. Half point for that?

Leo Pusateri said...

I sent mine...

I have artist/song for all but six...


Night Writer said...

While I didn't get the answer right for the first song, you have to admit my submission of "Me & Mrs. Jones" by Billy Paul was inspired!

Mark Heuring said...

I would indeed stipulate that, NW. Something was happening and Mr. Jones didn't know what it was, but it happened every day, at the same cafe, 6:30, well you know that I'll be there.

I also do a mean karaoke version of "Me and Mrs. Jones," but only when sufficiently liquored up.

Uncle Ben said...

Hmm, on that first one I know the artist in question and even the album, but can't quite pin the song down. Maybe you will revisit that one?

Mark Heuring said...

Just put some bleachers out in the sun, Ben.