Monday, June 09, 2008

What will the price of a gallon of gas be on New Year's Day 2009?

Let's have a contest, shall we? I'm taking predictions on what the price of a gallon of regular unleaded will be in the Twin Cities on New Year's Day. I am willing to make a prediction on this, to wit:

I say the price of gas will be what is showing on the sign I've posted. $2.499.
I think that picture is in Chicago, by the way, although I'm not sure of the exact intersection. Maybe Rich will know.

Place your bets in the comments section, folks. The answer that is closest to the actual price on New Year's Day* will get some sort of fabulous prize from me. Unless I win. Which I will.
*Number will be the "local price snapshot" average on at noon CST on 1/1/09.


Gino said...

i'll say $3.25.

after today, folks will think it a bargain and stop complaining.

Leo Pusateri said...


Right Hook said...


Uncle Ben said...

$3.90. I realize it tends to go down in the Winter, but I'm thinking Congress will find a way to make it worse.

Mike said...

$3.39/gallon. While I think there will be a correction, it's not going to drop prices by more than 60-65 cents per gallon.

Dan S. said...


Brad Carlson said...

Three weeks prior to President Obama's inauguration?