Wednesday, July 09, 2008

They Are Not Going To Be Ignored

I made a little joke about conflating Jesse Ventura and Brett Favre earlier today, but to be honest what's been going on recent days isn't particularly funny.
No one likes the party to end. Only the most painfully shy completely eschew the spotlight. It's a lot of fun to have people fawning over you, to have your name in the paper, to be the focus of attention. It has to be.

But it's getting ridiculous. Jesse Ventura doesn't have any chance of winning a seat in the Senate this year. He hasn't even lived in Minnesota since he left the governor's mansion in a huff back in 2002. As much of a carpetbagger as Al Franken is, give him this -- at least he's been in the state, meeting people, making himself part of the fabric of things around here after over 30 years away. These days Ventura has as much to do with Minnesota politics as his buddy Kinky Friedman does. The pretext for Jesse's potential run is that he's mad as hell and isn't going to take it anymore. What he's mad as hell about is harder to discern. Perhaps he doesn't think there are enough people wearing mullets inside the Beltway. I'd make a joke here about Ventura's personal hygiene but given Larry Craig's continuing presence in the World's Greatest Deliberative Body, Ventura would fit right in.

As for Favre, it's difficult to know whether all the talk is something Favre is orchestrating or if it's just a ratings push for ESPN. I still think, in the end, Favre will stay retired. But he's being altogether too coy about it and it's pretty irritating. The Packers need to find out if Aaron Rodgers is the guy or not. They need to get on with their future. And ol' number 4 is the past. A glorious past that we all cherish? Yes. Of course. But it's over now.


mike said...

Jesse Ventura hasn't been living in Minnesota since 2002? So does that mean my neghibor who goes down to Texas for the winter doesnt live in Minnesota?

I got news for you beating Ventura requires caring about the facts and not making stuff up as you go along. I know your small time but people google this see it and say skrew that liar.

Also remember in a 3 way race that if Ventura get two people to mildly tolerate him for every 3 people that hate him he wins easy.

Mark Heuring said...

Thanks for stopping by, Mike. Especially since I'm small time, it's awfully charitable of you to take time out of your busy schedule to offer your comments.

You'll have to tell me which stuff I made up. The guy has been gone for six years. He's spent the vast majority of his time elsewhere. He hasn't been part of the equation politically since he left. Ordinarily, it's considered good form to provide a cite of some sort when you tell someone he is wrong. Netiquette, I believe the term is called. If you can provide such evidence, then I'll be happy to admit that I'm wrong.

Feel free to stop by with that cite any old time.


Mike said...

I just can't see Ventura really wanting to be part of a legislative body. His political career has consisted of executive positions (MN governor, Brooklyn Park mayor). Why would someone like him want to be just one of 100 when he has always been "the man" during his political flights of fancy?

Strolling Amok said...

At least in America there's a limit to how far you can go to hang on to your job. Maybe Jesse should have run for president of Zimbabwe.

mike said...

So I take it you live next to Jesse's Minnesota residence cause he's there all summer long.

By the way does Norman support Light rail? Once a Democrat always a Democrat.

Good to see your making the rounds worrying that my comments will get to much play, but hey only 6 people checked my blog today so I must be a complete nobody in the Minnesota political world.

Mark Heuring said...

lowercase mike,

Again we have an assertion, not a cite or a link. But heck, we'll stipulate that you're right and that Jesse is here in the summer. Still doesn't change the import of my argument - Jesse hasn't been involved in Minnesota politics at all in the last six years. He has been doing the 9-11 "truth" thing, which puts him in an entirely different place politically than he was in 1998. That would be the fringe.

As my brother Mike (the other Mike on this thread, who runs an excellent blog that I'd recommend to anyone) points out, Jesse's previous forays into politics have been at an executive level. The Senate is filled with a lot of false decorum, arcane political maneuvering and the like. Mr. Janos would be bored to tears with that sort of thing.

Look, if you want to be a Jesse fanboy, that's your deal. And you can post all the stuff you want about it here. Won't bother me at all. But know that there's no way in hell that you'll see a Senator Ventura. If Jesse gets in the race, he'll hurt Franken more anyway (probably take away some of that Truther vote).

And I did notice that you only get 6 hits a day at your site. That's why I was amused at the "small time" comment. But keep blogging, sir. From small acorns grow mighty oaks, right?