Tuesday, September 30, 2008

White Sox 1, Twins 0

Where have we seen this before? Jim Thome, one of the all-time Twins killers, strikes the mortal blow. Meanwhile, our heroes can't get any hitting when they need it. Nick Blackburn pitched a great game, but John Danks was simply better. Nothing you can do but tip your cap to the Sox and wish them well. The potential all-Chicago World Series is alive.

Meanwhile, congratulations to the Twins. Remember that Denard Span, Alexi Casilla and Jose Mijares were not on the active roster at the beginning of the season, but all were key players in the last game. It's easy to take Ron Gardenhire for granted, but you would be very hard pressed to find a more resourceful manager. We are blessed to have such a fine team to watch here in Minnesota.


Chuckwagon Boy said...

Amen, brother!!

Anonymous said...

It was a great game, and I am thankful that it wasn't in the HumpDome, because if it was, I'm pretty certain the outcome would have been a little different. Regarding Gardenhire, you are 100% correct. He is the best manager in baseball, consistently doing more with limited resources than any of his peers. Congrats on a another very good season. That Twins team is going to be competive again next year.


Hammerswing75 said...

Classy post, just like Gardenhire and the Twins. That's what I like about them and it's what I like about you.

Mark Heuring said...

Thank you Ben, that means a lot to me.


I am happy for you. The better team won and I will be rooting for the Sox to make it out of the AL.


What you said!