Thursday, October 16, 2008

Doing Oppo on Joe the Plumber

While I remain pessimistic about the election, there is a chance that Obama and his people could still screw the pooch. How? Well, one way is by sliming someone like Joe the Plumber. Obama and his flying monkeys aren’t very nice people, but most voters don’t understand that. If they do gratuitous things like attack a guy no one heard of a few days ago, we might see an epiphany or two from some of those who are under the spell of The One.


Brad Carlson said...

I believe it was WCCO TV's Pat Kessler who summed it up brilliantly when the Dems were so heavily favored to win in '06:

"Never underestimate the Democrats' ability to blow this."

Even though the Dems did dominate the 2006 midterms, that statement is still applicable in any election cycle, including this one.

Anonymous said...


It's not over. It doesn't look good, but McCain has two-plus weeks to hammer Obama on his tax increases to people like Joe The Plumber. He should also keep mentioning Obama's lack of experience on national security and his proposed "class warfare" for America.

Things may look very different in a week or so.

Gino said...

seems like everybody bloggin bout joe.

(keep the kids away from mine)