Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fearless Dilettante Football Predictions – Always Listen to Mrs. D Edition

This feature keeps getting earlier and earlier during the week, but we have to do that because the Minnesota football playoffs begin tonight. I am officially adding another school to the mix – Mrs. D’s beloved alma mater, Washburn High School. She has asked for it and I have found that it’s always wise to agree to reasonable requests from Mrs. D.

So, here are the first two picks – more later:

Irondale Knights 31, Roseville Raiders 17. Irondale got smoked at Hopkins but this is a below-average team by Roseville standards. Mounds View got the bye in the section.

ACTUAL RESULT: ROSEVILLE 28, IRONDALE 20. Another good season ends way too soon. There was a reason that Irondale joined the North Suburban a number of years ago -- they still apparently can't compete with the larger suburban schools. Too bad.

Washburn Millers 41, Holy Angels Stars 34. This is an interesting game. Holy Angels usually has a lot of talent – it’s the alma mater of Larry Fitzgerald and former Badger quarterback John Stocco, but the Stars won’t have an answer for Washburn’s gigantic tight end, RaShede Hegeman.

ACTUAL RESULT: WASHBURN 35, HOLY ANGELS 0. An impressive win for the Millers.

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Mike said...

I'm surprised it took you so long to do Washburn predictions. Frankly, I would love to have a city school make a run in football...why not Washburn?

Hopefully Ironjail can beat an lower-level Suburban East team this time...didn't White Bear bounce them last year pretty early?