Monday, October 13, 2008

Fight the Power Part Two -- House District 50B

In an election cycle where big government seems to be in the saddle, it's important for conservatives to look at first principles. While it's easy to pay attention the big show taking place in Washington, what happens in St. Paul will likely have a greater impact on how you live your life each day. The previous legislative session was eventful in ways that most conservatives would find distressing. A huge tax increase of over $6 billion was essentially rammed down the throats of Minnesotans when the legislature was able to override Gov. Pawlenty's veto.

There's a strong chance that the Minnesota House will remain in DFL hands after this cycle, which means that there is also a strong chance that Speaker Kelliher and her minions will be back looking for more next year. The current incumbent in District 50B, Kate Knuth, will support whatever Speaker Kelliher wants.

Perhaps the voters of 50B are okay with that. Perhaps the new taxes that 50B will pay to fund a train that most 50B residents will never use are just part of the cost of doing business with the leviathan state. Maybe some day the DFL will deign to throw 50B a bone. And perhaps the residents of 50B are eager to accept broad increases in environmental regulation of the sort that Kate Knuth endorses.

But there's a better alternative. Instead, the residents of 50B can send Lori Grivna, a proven, conservative leader to St. Paul to represent our interests. Lori has a distinguished record serving the residents of 50B as a member of the Mounds View School Board and as a legislative consultant. She has been an observer and participant at all levels of local government and has positive working relationships with representatives at the municipal, county and state level. She will not be a foot soldier; rather she will be able to make a positive difference in St. Paul from the first day in office.

But more importantly, Lori Grivna understands conservative first principles, especially where fiscal discipline is concerned. Lori will ask tough questions and demand accountability from government. She understands the impact that taxation and regulation have on local businesses and the citizenry in general. Unlike her opponent, she has spent the majority of her career working in the private sector and brings an understanding of the real world effects of government depredations. Kate Knuth is very young and has not ventured outside of the world of academe in her brief career, which has meant that she doesn't quite understand the impact of her decisions on working families. Lori Grivna and her husband Wally have a made a life together and Lori understands what's at stake.

To that end, Lori will cast a cold eye on the current process. She won't simply accept baseline budgeting that keeps a permanent upward ratchet on budgets and expenditures. She'll challenge programs that have outlived their useful life. And most importantly, she'll not impose one-size-fits-all solutions to education, transportation and energy issues.

District 50B isn't a gilded precinct. Citizens in our area work hard and are productive citizens. They understand the value of a dollar and effort needed to earn one. Lori Grivna understands these things, too. She will ensure that the dollars the citizens of 50B send to St. Paul are used wisely. She richly deserves your support.

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Gino said...

i used to be right there in that chair, speaking the same heartfelt logic.
grivna will be able to do nothing as a minority member. all challenges she may make will fall like a lead ballon.
your face to face with what we in CA fought for years: and entrenched liberal majority, and a public that couldnt be swayed.

best bet, for your district, is to elect a majority member who will bring home some of that cash. a minority wont be able to.
seems you current rep cant do it, and a new gop rep wont either.

Mark Heuring said...

I think the public can be swayed here in Minnesota, Gino. And if we are to sway the public, it will require smart, dedicated conservatives to make the case. Lori can do that and will do that.

Our current rep is more interested in enacting a gigantic environmental regulatory regime than in constituent service.

Right Hook said...

Re-taking the majority starts one seat at a time. If we can't do it all in this election the next best thing is to minimize the DFL majority.

Had the GOP minority held tough last session the gas tax veto would have been upheld. If Lori had been in the 50B seat instead of Knuth the veto very well could have been upheld as the DFL would have had to coerce an additional GOP sell-out to override, and Lori would not have been a sell-out.

Knuth is bad news, period. A nice enough person but extremely naive and thoroughly endoctrinated in new age socialism.