Thursday, May 28, 2009

Here's A Question to Ask Sonia Sotomayor

Never mind the "wise Latina" business. Here's a better question, provided here free of charge for any enterprising member of Senate Judiciary Committee.

Judge Sotomayor, as you know two of the fundamentals of jurisprudence are contract and bankruptcy law. What is your view concerning the actions of the Obama administration in the Chrysler bankruptcy?


Anonymous said...

we are agreeing way too much this week. I completely concur with you on this one, but would take it one step further: I would like to see Senators from both sides of the aisle ask Sotomayor where she stands on the scope of executive authority in general, in wartime, and as it applies to fiscal policy, but particularly to emegency actions in time of economic upheaval. I think it's safe to expect Sotomayor to try to avoid giving any straight answers on this (Roberts and Alito certainly did), but I would like to see her take on this.


Gino said...

ask her if it is true that she does not believe the second ammendment really means what everybody with at least third grade education knows it to mean.

and then ask her: is everybody else stupid, or just you and the ACLU?

Anonymous said...


Not sure if you ever read scotusblog, but it's a pretty good site.


Mark Heuring said...

I've heard of Scotusblog, but have not read it. Will check it out, though. Thanks for the link, Rich!