Wednesday, May 06, 2009

When will the madness end?

You may have heard about the controversy surrounding Carrie Prejean, the young lady representing California in the Miss U.S.A. pagaent. I'll not rehash the details here, because you can find out about all of it on the Internets if you'd like. Suffice it to say, her views on gay marriage (she's agin it) aren't especially popular among certain people. She's also made significant mention of her religious beliefs, which run counter to conventional wisdom.

In order to effect some sort of revenge against Miss Prejean for her apostasy, there have been somewhat racy photographs of her circulating on the Internets, too. In one of the photos, she's apparently topless, although her back is turned to the camera. I'm not especially interested in them, but I'm afraid a trend is emerging here. Another prominent critic of gay marriage has been photographed topless and the picture is on the Internets, too.

Ya know, someone really needs to denounce this sort of thing. Or something.

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