Saturday, October 10, 2009

Benster and D Pick Your Games -- Week 5

Howdy! We're back and we're gonna pick some games. Anything you have to say, Dad?

Other than you need to pick up the pace on your picking? No.

Well, let's get this baby rolling.

Purdon't Boilermakers (+3) vs. Minnesota Golden Gophers. I personally don't think Purdue is very good. With Coach Tiller retiring, their preparations might be off for a good part of the season. Gophers win the game. Minnesota 31, Purdon't 13.

Tiller didn't leave the cupboard bare at Purdue, but the Gophers should have enough to win the game. The funny part to me: we wanted that outdoor stadium here and now we have a Homecoming game scheduled on a morning where there's a thin coating of snow on the ground. As always, be careful what you want. Minnesota 27, Purdue 24.

Wisconsin Badgers (+16) vs. "The" Ohio State University Buckeyes. Vegas kinda tipped the scales a little bit! I would like to see the Badgers win, but I can't say that. Ohio State is just too good and they have the crowd on their side. The Ohio State University 30, Wisconsin 24.

I agree, Benster -- the spread is absurd. I'll tell you this much -- the Badgers have to love that spread, though, because it indicates no respect at all. And I'm not clear why Ohio State is considered so dominant, based on the times I've seen them this year. So what the heck: Wisconsin 24, Ohio State 19.

Florida Gators (-7 1/2) vs. LSU Tigers. I'm probably Urban Meyer's most disliked person, because I might have had a hand in taking down Tim Tebow through the infamous Benster Curse. I don't think Tebow will play today. I'm going to call the upset: LSU 31, Florida 19.

Just a guess -- Tebow will play. And Urban Meyer will forgive you, Benster. Maybe no one else will, though. Florida 27, LSU 24.

Minnesota Vikings (-10) vs. St. Louis Rams. The Rams are probably the worst team in football. It's basically Steven Jackson and nothing else. Kyle Boller and Marc Bulger are not worth too much. Vikings will give them everything they want, and more. Vikings 40, Rams 3.

I tend to agree with you that the Rams are the worst team in the NFL. And that's why the Vikings better be careful -- historically, they cough up a hairball in these situations. They won't this time, but it won't be easy. Vikings 24, Rams 16.

Pittsburgh Stillers (-10 1/2) vs. Detroit Lions. The Lions might not be the worst team in the NFL, but they are still pretty poor. The Steelers will chew up the Lions offense and look for Big Ben to torch the secondary with Super Bowl hero Santonio Holmes and Hines Ward. Steelers 40, Lions 0.

No love for the Lions, I guess! Not that they deserve any. I see signs of life in Detroit, though. The Steelers need this one, though. And they'll get it. Stillers 27, Lions 13.

New England Patriots (-3) vs. Denver Broncos. I'll admit, I'm surprised by Mr. McDaniels, the new Broncos head coach. He's done a very good job so far. But all good things must come to an end. Bill Belichek is the Coach K of the NFL. The Patriots constantly win, and unlike the Blue Devils, there are no graduation or eligibility issues. Go you, Brady! New England 30, Denver 17.

We're picking this game because the beloved Packers and da Bearz are on bye this week. And since Kyle Orton is starting in Denver, it's just like picking a da Bearz game. After New England is done with him, Orton will feel like Bob Avellini. New England 34, Denver 21.

Get well, Tim Tebow! Gator Chomp!

Well all righty, then.


Brad Carlson said...

Gotta agree with Mark on the Vikings-Rams. Vikes are NOTORIOUS for making easy games difficult. That, and the Vikings just aren't a dominant team this season, despite the 4-0 start.

Gino said...

the broncos have a tough D. the toughest D in the NFL so far.

the patriots will likely out score orton, but the Broncos D wont make it that easy.
i'll say one TD, or less.

Anonymous said...

Badgers lost and did not cover the spread.

Mr. D said...

Thanks for reminding me, anonymous.