Friday, October 16, 2009

Benster and D Pick Your Games -- Week 6

Howdy, this is Benster and Decrepit.

Pardon me?

I'm sorry. Benster and D. Well Dad, you've been kicking my butt every week lately, but don't forget -- I've got a curse named after me!

Too bad it seems to be affecting your picks, grasshopper.

We'll see who's a grasshopper this week, Dad! Okay, let's begin.

Minnesota Golden Gophers (+17 1/2) vs. Penn State Paternos. Vegas seems to hate the Gophers and the Badgers! Anyway, Tim Brewster said he's going to take the Gopher fans to Pasadena. I'm thinking he might need to charter a bus. Penn State is a leading contender for the Big 10 title, and the game is in Happy Valley. Penn State Paternos 50, Gophers 17.

No love for Coach Brew! Well, I'm not sure. The problem the Gophers have is that they have Eric Decker and that's about it on offense. Penn State is usually smart enough to figure that sort of thing out. I don't think it will be a blowout, but JoePa will win another one this week. Penn State 34, Gophers 23.

Iowa Hawkeyes (+2 1/2) vs. Beloved Wisconsin Badgers. I'm a big believer that a record doesn't tell the entire story. Even though Iowa is nationally ranked and unbeaten, they don't strike my eye as very good. Ricky Stanzi, the Iowa quarterback, is not exactly a Heisman front-runner and the Badgers will pound the ball against the Iowa D. Bucky Badger 31, Iowa 20.

I'm struggling with this one. The Badgers were really odd last week at Ohio State. They were moving the ball at will against a very good Buckeye defense, but they couldn't seem to avoid self-destruction at the key moments. They'd better get that cleaned up against a very smart, disciplined Iowa team. Talent-wise, the Badgers are better. Will that be enough? Maybe this week, but I'm not confident about this pick at all. Wisconsin 21, Iowa 16.

Oklahoma Sooners (+3) vs. Texas Longhorns (in Dallas). Oh, baby what a game! This game could decide the Big XII South, it might have Big XII title game implications and even the national championship game. And with the presence of two big-time quarterbacks in Texas's Colt McCoy and Oklahoma's Sam Bradford, it could have Heisman implications. Bradford is a bit off on his timing after coming back last week from being hurt. I believe McCoy will be the better of these two quarterbacks, and with the game in Dallas the Horns should have the crowd behind them. Texas 60, Oklahoma 49.

Ben, did you think they were playing basketball? I don't see it being anywhere near this high-scoring, since these teams do play defense. I'm going to play a hunch here -- Texas hasn't really blown anyone away this year and the Sooners are pretty desperate. So I'm going to guess that the desperate team will win. Oklahoma 31, Texas 27.

Baltimore Ravens (+3) vs. Minnesota Vikings. The two icons of these teams, Ray Lewis and Brett Fav-ray, are old enough to be on Social Security. You can't deny that the Ravens defense is good, but AP is also good. So I believe that the Ravens will knock off the Vikings. Baltimore 35, Minnesota 10.

Wow, that's an interesting score! Can't see that happening. I suspect it will be close. One thing to remember -- the last time the Ravens saw Brett Favre, they beat him very badly, 48-3. It was the worst loss of Favre's career. Favre hasn't forgotten. I can promise you that. Vikings 21, Baltimore 17.

Detroit Motor City Kitties (+13 1/2) vs. Glorious Green Bay Packers. If you're a Lions fan, it has to stink. You are going into a place where you haven't won in nearly 20 years. Your starting quarterback is hurt, your star wideout is banged up and you're facing a team that got burned by their old quarterback on national television. Even though the Packers are probably going to be looking for Dad to be on the offensive line -- someone has to do it -- Rodgers shouldn't have to run for his life this week. Glorious Green Bay 49, Motor City Kitties 3.

The Lions aren't very good. But they aren't that bad, either. I suspect the Packers will win and probably will cover the spread, but they need to show me something more than they have so far. The best part of this game is that it gives me a chance to put up a picture of former Lion great Herman "Thunderfoot" Weaver. Green Bay 38, Lions 21.

Bear Down Chicago da Bearz (+3 1/2) vs. Hot-lanta Falcons. Well, Atlanta has come back from the dead and really put a whipping on the 49ers last week. They have my fantasy league stud running back, Michael Turner (the Burner) and Matty "Ice" Ryan. And Roddy White. And Tony Gonzalez. All of these guys are going to have some fun in the Georgia Dome. Hot-lanta 30, Bear Down Chicago da Bearz 27.

This is not a favorable matchup for da Bearz. I suspect that they will have a hard time containing all of Atlanta's weapons that my son so dutifully catalogued. I do think Jay Cutler will have some success, but it won't be enough. Atlanta 27, Chicago 21.

Well, the State of Michigan and the State of Oklahoma will probably be sending an armed mob out to get me! That's all I've got to say. Mom, make sure to gather up all our canned goods! Ben out!

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Gino said...

i hate to say it, but i think home advantage will work for the falcons.
the two teams have near identical records, so its not like and easy call or something.

falcons win, within seven.