Thursday, October 08, 2009

A reminder for my New Brighton friends

Although it's been pretty quiet, we do have an election coming up next month. Among those on the ballot are the incumbent mayor, Steve Larson, who would like another tour of duty.

Does Mayor Larson deserve another term? Before you answer that question, you owe it to yourself to visit Enlighten New Brighton, a new website that has a lot of deeply useful information concerning the issues that pertain to this election.

I'll be talking about this election more in the coming days. But remember, knowledge is power.


K-Rod said...

Yes, Mr. D, Knowledge is Power.
K = P
And of course Time is Money
T = $
Power = Work / Time
P = W / T
T = W / P
and since
T = $
K = P = W / $


Knowledge = Work / Money


Money = Work / Knowledge

Money approaches infinity as Knowledge approaches 0, regardless of the Work done.

The More you Make, the Less you Know.

Right Hook said...

Not only is our poor excuse for a mayor up for re-election, but Gina Bauman is up for re-election and the seat currently held by Sharon Doffing, who decided not to run again, is open (imagine that, an elected official term limiting herself!).

With two Conservative seats in play, it is imperative that Gina is re-elected and Sharon's seat is filled by a Conservative.

With respect to the latter, we have at least one Conservative (and possibly more), a RINO, and some Knuth-style lefties competing for the seat.

Even if New Brighton has the good sense to bounce Larson in favor of Dave Jacobsen, Dave's hands, along with David Phillips's (I know, he's a social liberal, but he's also a rock solid fiscal conservative) will be tied unless Gina and/or another conservative also are elected to the council. Gina is a proven, reliable Conservative and is deserving of our vote and her election, along with Dave Jacobsen for Mayor, must be our top priority if we want to fix the mess at City Hall.

Paul Jacobsen (no relation to Dave) is a political unknown but looks to be a worthy successor to Doffing.

Steve Taylor said...

Thanks for the plug, Mark!

Elections really do have consequences and if the wrong combination of people get elected in New Brighton we are going to get hit hard in the pocketbook and receive very little in return for it.

Take a long hard look at the city budget, the NWQ, and the general business and regulatory climate in New Brighton and ask yourself if our city can withstand more of the same. Gina has done a great job, but as RH pointed out above at least one more vote for a change in direction is needed on the council in order to make it happen. Mayor Larson is a known impediment to responsible government and after 22 years has had more than enough to demonstrate what he can do for as well as, unfortunately, to us.