Thursday, October 08, 2009

res ipsa loquitur 100809

What if CO2 isn't the problem? It's awfully hard to tax solar activity.

Rember those higher ethical standards we would see now that the Republicans are no longer controlling Congress? Here's the latest.

Keith Olbermann explains why my friends at United Healthcare are the enemy! The enemy!

A challenge to the readership: what, exactly, is the point that Maureen Dowd is trying to make?


W.B. Picklesworth said...

Re: Maureen Dowd. She seems to be backtracking on some feminist points. Namely, it's now okay to have office relationships where power disparities exist. I seem to recall some kind of job training that I've had where this type of behavior was identified as "never okay." In fact, the person guilty of it was all but called a monster. It seems that Maureen has seen some new kind of light in this present circumstance. I wonder what changed?

Bike Bubba said...

I think Ms. "Bourbon for mouthwash" Dowd is trying to say that the liberal, feminist side is great and that conservativers are poopy-heads.

Ironically, by mentioning the apparently meritless promotion of a paramour of Letterman's, she's hinting that CBS and Letterman are going to get to know some lawyers pretty well--and interestingly, Dowd doesn't see a meritless promotion as grist for a bias lawsuit, or as an indication that sexual harassment might be going on.

Night Writer said...

I wonder if MoDo has Bob Packwood's phone number? I think Bob would like to talk to know if he can get his old job back now.

Right Hook said...

"It's awfully hard to tax solar activity."

I have absolute confidence that government can and will find a way. It may be a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Paulie said...

Dowd's Point? A deadline is a deadline. So write something, ANYTHING, It can make sense later.


She outed herself as one of the good old boys.


Leave the nerdy weather guy alone pick on Glenn Beck instead.