Monday, November 08, 2010

An instructive difference

I don't know if Brad Childress saved his job yesterday, but I'd bet that Wade Phillips lost his.

The Vikings were getting their butts kicked and looked terrible yesterday -- in fact, they looked so bad that I turned the game off and went out to do some yard work. By the time I got back in from cleaning up leaves in the back yard, the score was tied and they went on to stuff Arizona in overtime and score a winning field goal. With all the soap opera elements at Winter Park, it would have been easy for the Vikings to lay down and die. They didn't.

Then last night I watched my beloved Packers kick Dallas to the curb. Not that it was that difficult to do. The Cowboys put on a shameful performance in Green Bay yesterday and it was obvious that they had quit as a team. It's tough to win without your quarterback but the way Dallas was playing it wouldn't have mattered if Tony Romo were out there.

As much as I enjoyed seeing the Packers play very well yesterday, it's difficult to really gauge how good a team they actually are. It's much easier to tell that the Cowboys are terrible.


W.B. Picklesworth said...

Has anyone seen Stover? Poor guy.

Mr. D said...

I thought about Stover, too. That had to be difficult for him to watch.

Night Writer said...

I think it's still a good possibility that Chilly's gone this week. The way the Vikings played most of the game, and the feedback Wilf has reportedly been receiving from the veterans, suggests that Childress has lost the team and if that's the case Wilf can forget about going 7-1 or even 6-2 the rest of the way and can forget about a new stadium. The stadium is the real financial trophy for the ownership and eating the $10 million on Chilly's contract might be viewed as an acceptable expense.

Of course, Wilf has to believe the team has what it takes to pull off 7-1 and will be inspired by having Leslie Frazier as coach, but then he did go "all in" on talent earlier so his expectations are high.

Gino said...

but those Cowboys are a lock for going to the Superbowl, remember?

i'm lovin it.

not for my wife (a cowgirl) or any of their fans, but i'm lovin it because its says more about football than just talent.

you gotta have heart and discipline too. something the 'Boys havent shown either of.

(and i love it when show-boat teams lose.)

Dan S. said...

WBP / Mr D., thank you for your concern, and yes, that was painful to watch. I've come to expect this level of disappointment from my Cubbies, but to go from preseason Super Bowl darling to 1-7 puts this year's Cowboahs in a whole other category of suckitude.

The silver lining is that this game was SO humiliating, that even the ridiculously stubborn / stubbornly ridiculous Jerry Jones could no longer postpone firing the impotent Wade Phillips.

It'll be interesting to see whether Jason Garrett (or whomever they bring in next year) can take the gross dysfunction out of what should be a very talented football team.