Sunday, November 14, 2010

Snowmageddon and Its (Dis)contents

It snowed a little here in the Twin Cities yesterday...OK, it snowed quite a bit. While this was happening, I noticed something that I have noticed many times before, but couldn't put my finger on how to describe it. I find that snow has an infantilzing effect on us. It manifested itself nicely, in writing, on Facebook. Some of the status updates I saw yesterday:

"I hate snow."
"SNOW!! Keep it coming!"
"Dumb snow."
"Time to go play in the snow!!"

Now, I expressed a wish for it to be snowing bacon...mostly because this snowstorm threatened an annual celebration of bacon I have with some of my coworker friends. Worry not, dear readers, for it went off without a hitch (other than depressed attendance).

I tend to come down on the not-a-fan-of-snow side of things, especially a big snowstorm before Thanksgiving. But, it's funny how the first snowfall of the season makes us act like children. Whether we like snow or not, we kinda spaz out. All of those status quotes are from adults, many of whom are pretty respectable, mature people. But, here we are, throwing child-like temper tantrums because we have to shovel/drive/walk in it, or conversely, getting overly excited because we, even though we are adults, want to run around and play in it.

So, yeah snow or nay snow, our reactions to it are very interesting. Very child-like.


W.B. Picklesworth said...

The Stinger doesn't like snow? Poopy head!

Gino said...

snow: that cottony stuff i seen that on TV.

Mr. D said...

Well done, Stinger! The snow I don't like is the stuff that comes off the plow and lands in my driveway.

Your observation is quite correct, though -- I got several childlike comments on Facebook myself.