Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dilettante 3000

Welcome the 3000th post on Mr. Dilettante's Neighborhood. We'll start with a little music:

One of my favorite songs of all. This blog began 6+ years ago as a lark, something for a bored guy to do over his lunch hour. It's still a lark for the most part, but it's also given me (and my co-bloggers, family members all) a chance to share a few thoughts on the passing scene. It's also led to some great friendships.

As social media go, blogging may be a little past its sell-by date, but there are many things one cannot communicate on Facebook or Twitter. We've spent more time on political matters here than I ever thought we would, and there does seem to be an audience for that. Here's another song:

The one constant -- as serious as we've been at times, I do hope that we've never lost sight of the need to entertain, too. So here's another song:

Thank you for visiting. I hope that if we post 3000 more times, you'll still find it worth your time.


Gino said...

viva la blogosphere!

W.B. Picklesworth said...

I think blogging is more like LPs than 8-tracks. And Mr. Dilettante's Neighborhood spins some music I'm happy to listen to.