Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Emily Litella Souhan

Rare mid-day post, because I couldn't let this one pass without comment. Jim Souhan, ace Star Tribune columnist, uncorked a real stemwinder aimed at Rep. Dean Urdahl today, filled with righteous rage and ridicule toward a legislator that Souhan obviously considers his intellectual inferior:

Politicians like Urdahl are counting on you being as shallow as they are. Urdahl ignored all of the legitimate concerns about building a stadium for the Vikings, all of the complications that accompany the serpentine negotiations that result in any public-private partnership, and reduced the dialogue to something you might hear from a drunk at closing time.
Souhan was just getting warmed up. Consider this bon mot:
I can respectfully disagree with politicians who take consistent, principled, stands against stadiums. Those like Urdahl who shamelessly pander to the simple-minded people should not be taken seriously. Next time you ask a question about the stadium, Mr. Urdahl, please get help from someone with a better grasp of stadium politics, like, oh, a Kardashian.
Way to confront ignorance! Way to speak truth to power, Mr. Souhan! Stirring!

 One little problem -- Urdahl voted in favor of the stadium. Just thought you should know.


W.B. Picklesworth said...


...the bollocks!

Night Writer said...


Or we could say, "Jim, you ignorant[shill of questionable and indiscriminate morals willing to put out to win the approbation of those ultimately paying your salary.]"

Brad Carlson said...

The following clarification was issued in the Strib today:

Jim Souhan's column critical of Rep. Dean Urdahl's questions about the Vikings stadium plan did not mention that the Republican legislator voted in favor of the stadium Monday night as a member of the House Government Operations and Elections Committee.

Oh, and David Brauer (hardly a conservative shill) of the MinnPost (hardly a righty rag) called out Souhan as well.

Mr. D said...

Yeah, Brad, how lame is that "clarification," anyway?