Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Writing for Politico, Bill Burton expresses regret, sort of, for past misdeeds that he might have committed:
I don’t remember, but I assume that I was one of the many Democrats who gleefully took shots at President George W. Bush for the time he spent at Crawford—and if so I regret it. Presidents are better for having time out of Washington, even better for time away with their families.

Whether you’re a partisan or a cynical reporter who has been making the same critique about presidential vacations for decades, I assume you probably agree that human beings function better when they get a little time away. I wouldn’t want my surgeon to be some woman who hasn’t had a break in 4 years. I wouldn’t want to share the road with a truck driver who hasn’t had enough sleep. It doesn’t matter what your occupation is; you will do your job better if you recharge your batteries. And even though the president is never really on vacation, giving him at least a little downtime is good for all of us.
Three observations:

  • Bill Burton regrets nothing. And he remembers. But he needs to protect his president from those meanies.
  • One reason the press bagged on Bush going to Crawford was that Crawford was boring. Martha's Vineyard in the summer is certainly more appealing than Crawford, Texas. Media members like their creature comforts and a ranch in Texas doesn't provide too many of those.
  • I'd like some evidence that the current president has ever been good at his job. He's outstanding at campaigning, and he seems to groove on the ceremonial, head of state duties of the office, but the governing thing has always been a secondary consideration. 

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Gino said...

i kinda like it when this guy plays golf. i feel safer.