Monday, October 17, 2016

Back from Oklahoma

After being away from the blog (and the news) for three days, it does not appear much has changed in the political season. From what I can tell, Trump gets trashed every day, the WikiLeaks stories are pretty much confined to the right wing press, and yet the polls show Hillary Clinton cannot get to 50%.

If ever there was an election in which None of the Above should be on the ballot, it's this one. Even the third-party candidates stink. But you know what? I got to watch some tremendous high school marching bands in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma this week. If you want to know what's going well in our country, go see one of these shows. You will see coordination, spectacle, discipline, beauty, dedication, and spirited yet friendly competition. And our Irondale Marching Knights were there:

Standing at attention, ready to entertain

You don't see anger and contempt at a marching band show. You see mutual respect. You see what's still right with America, and what it can be.

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Bike Bubba said...

Actually, I saw anger and contempt in a band just have to sit among the band members who are unhappy that the 300 member band didn't get called for all the kids who were out of place/out of step... :^)

(the band when I was young: Ben Davis of Indianapolis...very good, but we always felt they got away with things because the judges couldn't see everything due to marching 300 people plus)

Good times....