Saturday, October 22, 2016

Benster and D Pick Your Games----Back from the Brink Edition

Well, I think the pressure is off the Packers for now, and Packers fans can watch football without having to worry about things.

Well, it's something. The NFL is like that. Every game seems to be either a tremendous success or an existential crisis. The season lends itself to those sorts of interpretations.

I don't disagree. I think the Packers might have snapped their way out of the funk, but Atlanta is going to be a very difficult opponent to play next weekend.

Yes. But we are still in this week. Lotsa other action.

True, Geritol Fan! It is time to pick some games. Watch me work, and get ready to feel the HYYYYYYYYYYYPPPEEE!

Rutgers Scarlet Knights (+18) vs. Minnesota Golden Gophers. Simply put, Rutgers is not any good, and the only reason they are even in the conference is to get more cable subscriptions paying for the conference network. The Gophers are going to be a factor, though they still have to play Nebraska, Iowa, and Wisconsin down the stretch. The Gophers should have no issues winning against a terrible opponent at home. Gophers 49, Scarlet Knights 7.

I agree with this. Rutgers was not horrible last season, but this year they haven't been competitive at all. Gophers should have little trouble in this one. Gophers 35, Rutgers 0.

Beloved Wisconsin Badgers (-4) vs. Iowa Hawkeyes. The Badgers have lost two tough games in a row, but the hard part is almost done. Iowa is always going to be a tough team, and you know that Iowa and Wisconsin always play each other very close. Having the Badgers get their leader and best player, Vince Biegel, back is really a boost. Wisconsin has won the last three games played in Kinnick, and I expect the Badgers to win again this weekend, but not without having to earn it. Wisconsin 27, Iowa 19.

The Badgers will have a fight on their hands, but the available evidence suggests a win for the Badgers. It will be low scoring. Wisconsin 17, Iowa 9.

Knox Prairie Fire (NL) vs. Lake Forest Foresters. This is another game where I think Knox has a chance. They looked pretty good last week before not finishing the job in the final few minutes. Sadly I will not be going up to Lake Forest to attend, but I expect the Fire to maybe sneak another win and build momentum to the most intense trophy game you never heard of, the Bronze Turkey Game against evil Monmouth. Knox 17, Lake Forest 13.

Lake Forest is actually pretty strong this season. Won't happen. Lake Forest 34, Knox 14.

Minnesota Vikings (-3) vs. Philadelphia Eagles. The Vikings got a huge boost by gaining a half game on the Packers during the bye week, and whomever has the Vikings as a fantasy defense, you made a smart pick. However, I think the Vikings are going to play their first tough game on the road, and Sam Bradford is looking to get one up on his former team. I think the Vikings are still the team to beat in the NFC North, but this game looks like a game that is going to be a tough one. Eagles 42, Vikings 21.

If the Vikings can block, they win. If not, this could be trouble. The Eagles have a lot of pass-rushers and that's going to be a challenge. I expect the Viking defense to show up as usual (and yes, I have the Vikings defense for my fantasy league team), but I expect this to be a challenging game for the Vikings offense. Philadelphia 17, Vikings 10.

Not a lot of games to pick, but the NFL forced our hand by having us pick a game due to them wanting you to upgrade a tier. Kids, don't let an overpaid man named Roger make your programming choices for you. Ben out!

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