Thursday, October 20, 2016

Benster and D Pick Your Games -- NFL Mandated Early Edition

Since the league office continues to want to have us and the readers upgrade a tier, and spend Thursday night watching football instead of other things, we have to get an early pick up.

Yeah, and I'm not so sure I want the NFL Network, to say nothing of trying to watch the game on Twitter, for goodness sakes.

I know it is kinda lame, but the NFL has to make money I guess, right?

That's what they are all about, Seabiscuit. Nothing else.

Well, it's fine. Let them scrap over a few nickels. My picks are always money and it's Bears Week, so there's opportunities galore for HYYYYYYYYYPPPPPPPPE! It is time to watch me work.

Bear Down Chicago da Bearz (+7.5) vs Glorious Green Bay Packers. Sunday was a terrible day for the Packers, as they played one of the worst games I have seen in a while. Thankfully, they are playing right away again, and this time will face the Bears. The Packers are banged up, and will have very little depth in the defensive backfield and in the running game. This game reminds me of how many times in the past the haters will have said that the Packers are done. Well, this should be different. The Bears still have Brian Hoyer, who is a decent starter. I really figure that things are going to change, because after all the Bears have not won the close games, and this game is going to be a typical close Packers-Bears game. Packers 21, da Bearz Still Suck 17.

What worries me about this game is not the running attack, which is now in the hands of Ty Montgomery and Knile Davis, who is apparently the 2016 version of Samkon Gado. What worries me is that the Packers are essentially out of cornerbacks. They will be trotting out Ladarius Gunter yet again, who was clueless against the Cowboy receivers. I don't think that will work well. So, this one could be an aerial circus, if Aaron Rodgers can get it back together. He has to eventually, so it starts tonight. Packers 33, Bears 27.

D and the rest of the family are on the way to Galesburg tomorrow, so we'll really be able unleash the HYYYYYPPPE! then. But for now, Ben out!


R.A. Crankbait said...

The League is not helping itself or its ratings with these Thursday night games. The teams aren't ready to play and the games are usually dreck, last night's game being a prime example. It almost had me wishing for another Clinton/Trump debate, which would have had more offense.

Gino said...

I'm happy to be on the road and was unable to watch this game even if I wanted to.