Friday, October 07, 2016

Might as well mention it

Gotta get the votes cast before this investigation gets disseminated too widely, of course:
Minnesota education officials have launched a review of online PhD programs at a for-profit college with ties to former President Bill Clinton.

"We have seen an increased number of complaints related to dissertations at Walden University," Sandy Connolly of the Minnesota Office of Higher Education told NBC News.
Why does that matter?
The review follows an NBC News report on Minneapolis-based Walden, including interviews with some students who felt victimized by its practices and were saddled with large student loans.

Walden is the U.S. flagship of Laureate Education, which paid "honorary chancellor" Bill Clinton $17.6 million over five years before he stepped down in 2015 just ahead of wife Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign run.
$17.6 million is a lotta scratch for an honorary position. I would assume most readers of this feature know about this, because the majority follow conservative media. What's odd is that you won't find a word about it in the Star Tribune. Given that Walden's headquarters are in Minneapolis, you'd expect some enterprising reporter to start sniffing around a little bit, but apparently not. If you search Walden University on the Star Tribune's website, you won't get much:

Something of a sleepy beat

If you search Trump University, you get considerably more:

Just about every day

Not sure what conclusions you should draw, but I do find the lack of curiosity about a local business to be, well, curious.

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