Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Cranking the absurdity up to 11

Well, all righty then:
Lewd and rude “desnudas” – naked female panhandlers – are harassing tourists in New York’s Times Square, but cops reportedly can’t arrest them “because most of them are illegal immigrants.”

The desnudas -- a Spanish word meaning "naked" -- are part of a Times Square assembly of popular costumed children’s characters and mostly-naked females hitting tourists up for money in the uber-popular New York City district. A law enforcement source told The New York Post that past proposals to license the often obnoxious street performers went nowhere because most of them are illegal immigrants and wouldn’t register anyway. Plus, City Hall, under Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio, isn’t interested in going after illegals such as the desnudas, the source told The Post.

So with little police enforcement, squads of Minnie Mouses, Incredible Hulks and painted women continue to pester passersby.
You can see pictures at the link if you really want to. There's a method to their madness:
Times Square Alliance President Tim Tomkins told The Post many of the Times Square performers continuously leave their Designated Activity Zones in an effort to earn more cash as part of what he called a “scam.”

“Suddenly, there’s three Minnies in your picture,” Tomkins said. “And a Batman, and a Spider-Man. And they all want cash. And they’re all outside the zone.”
And if you don't want to pony up?
“I told you, if you don’t have a tip, then f--- off!” one desnuda told a Post reporter.
We don't have that sort of thing in Minneapolis or St. Paul, at least not yet. But I wouldn't put it past anyone.

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Bike Bubba said...

One interesting thing about this is that the courts are increasingly legalizing female toplessness on the grounds that it poses no moral hazard. I dare say they're trying to prove this wrong in Times Square.