Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Odd headline of the week

I have heard many writers complain about the headline a publication chooses for their article. This headline from the Star Tribune might be the worst one I've seen in a while:

So what does this mean?
If people in one place feel unsafe, no one else gets to feel safe? Is that what this means? We don't yet know who attacked a mosque in Bloomington over the weekend. I wish people wouldn't attack mosques, or synagogues, or churches of any sort. It happens, though. Being a member of a faith community means you have faith. I'm not sure the headline writers at the Star Tribune understand that.

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Gino said...

"it is our responsibility to defend 400 yrs of religious liberty"... i wonder what their reporting was when Obama tried to force nuns to provide abortion services.

i dont agree with bombing other peeps churches and such, but this reminds me of muslim groups complaining about being inconvenienced while flying due to Trumps travel orders.
my response was: "Yeah, sucks, dont it?"