Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Bad blogger

Didn't bother with the State of the Union address last night, since it's easy enough to get plenty of reactions from both sides of the aisle. Beyond that, I had dishes to dry and a chance to talk with Fearless Maria instead, which seemed like a better use of my time, especially following an awful 2-hour commute home through the latest snowstorm. Nonetheless, a few observations:

  • Wearing white was supposed to be sort of political statement, but in the age of Photoshop it's too easy to manipulate the images. I saw at least a dozen pictures where the congresscritters in question were given Klan hoods. Dumb.
  • It also sounds like Amy Klobuchar is going to run for president. I'll have more to say about that when she makes the formal announcement, but she really ought to understand one thing -- no one south of the Iowa border gives a damn who her father was, nor does anyone east of the St. Croix, for that matter. She'll have to stand on her merits, and there aren't many of them.
  • I'm really enjoying the knife fight among the Democrats in Virginia. What an embarrassing lot.
  • Best news of the day? Jason Rarick won the special election for the Minnesota Senate seat, taking away a seat that has been in DFL hands since Father Hennepin trod the land, thus ending the Lourey family fiefdom. Republicans now hold a 35-32 edge in the upper chamber, which will make a big difference in holding off Tim Walz and the Metrocrats in the House. 


John said...

"Wearing white was supposed to be sort of political statement."

It is almost as if they need team uniforms these days. Next, we may well get numbers signifying their positions on the team.

I've seen several assessments of Trump's presentation, indicating this was his best so far. I'd agree, but then the bar is pretty low for his speeches to the Congress. I think the highlight came when he forced all those dressed in white to stand and cheer despite their strong disdain.

Finally, I don't think AOC did herself any favors when CSPAN went to her for reaction and those around her where applauding while she sat on her hands, but Bernie's "slow burn" reaction to Trump's statement America will never be socialist was priceless.

Gino said...

last yrs SOTUS was total kickass... i was working so i couldnt see this one. i recorded it for later.

R.A. Crankbait said...

Amy's sole merit to stand upon is that she doesn't come across as a full-goose loony. She votes like one, but she doesn't fly the freak flag. It might be enough.

As for John's comment re numbers on the white uniforms, I'd to see Congressional uniforms done up like NASCAR suits, with all the "sponsor" decals. It will help better identify the teams.

Meanwhile, the conservatives should have been all been wearing yellow vests.

Mr. D said...

Meanwhile, the conservatives should have been all been wearing yellow vests.

Yep. Betcha Mitch McConnell wouldn't be wearing one.

R.A. Crankbait said...

U.S. conservatives don't have much common cause with the French yellow vests, who really are ok with the high taxes as long as someone else pays them. Wearing them first here, though, keeps the Dems from doing it.