Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Most Reverend Horse's Ass

So we get this today from the Diocese of Covington:

See if you can see what's missing
 You might remember this notice from a few weeks back:

So, what about those actions? And what about the underside of the bus, where Bishop Foys threw those kids he now lauds? Read through the letter from Foys. See if you can find the apology.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the Bishop is a horse's ass. He owes the students of Covington Catholic as public an apology as the denunciation he previously issued, not the namby-pamby "sorry if you're offended" version he sent out previously, via letter. And if he had any decency, he would resign his position. But he doesn't.

The third-party investigation Foys references may be nice for the historical record, but it's a CYA maneuver. A shameful end to a shameful moment.

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Bike Bubba said...

Well said. It almost seems as if a qualification for high office--political, clerical, business, whatever--is an utter inability to make a genuine apology. And then they wonder, given inevitable mistakes, why the world is saying "F*** off" to the institutions they lead.